Baisha to hold annual "La'aomen" Harvest Festival on Nov. 21

Baisha to hold annual "La'aomen" Harvest Festival on Nov. 21 News source:hiHainan / By Chen Shumin / 11 17,2020 18:57:59 / others
A sea of ripe Shanlan Rice appears in Qiongsong Township, Baisha County. (Li Tianping)

November is the harvest season for Hainan s local specialty Shanlan Rice! The 2020 Baisha La aomen Harvest Festival will be held in Yongchu Village, Qingsong Township, Baisha County on November 21, to express thanks to nature and pray for a bountiful harvest.

La aomen means Celebrate the Harvest in the local Li language. The annual Harvest Festival is listed as one of Baisha s county-level intangible cultural heritage items.

A local Li woman uses traditional tools to harvest Shanlan Rice. (Li Tianping)

The Festival invites visitors to taste fresh Shanlan Rice, experience planting Shanlan Rice in the mountain area like the Li people do, and enjoy an intangible cultural heritage show as well as local song and dance performances to celebrate the harvest.

As of October this year, about 8,000 mu (533.33 hectares) of Shanlan Rice, a type of mountainous upland rice, have been planted across Hainan Province, including about 4,000 mu (266.67 hectares) in Qingsong Township.

Visitors and locals enjoy a long-table banquet. (Li Tianping)
Li villagers sing a toast song for guests at the banquet. (Li Tianping)

The La aomen Harvest Festival is jointly sponsored by the Baisha County Party Committee, the Baisha County Government, and Hainan Daily Press Group.